Week System

C3 as a Timeshare Vacation Club permits the purchaser to own and use one Week of a particular season (RED, WHITE, BLUE) in a holiday apartment, villa, chalet or lodge, every year for the next certain years as per the membership category.

Red Season:

The most popular season is where large number of families would like to go for a vacation. There are the 7 day time slots during the peak seasons. If you pay a little more, you have the flexibility to exchange it with any other slot in the year – red, white or blue.

White Season:

A mid way perfects season, where the weather is just perfect and your time too. Moderately priced, this slot is just before and after the peak seasons. You can exchange this slot with white or blue slots.

Blue Season:

A preferred season for the family who does not want to take a break with maddening holiday crowd.This is a budget package that lets you enjoy peace and privacy at all the recreational and other facilities at our resorts as the rush season is over.

The Flexibility of Weeks

Weeks really are the most flexible way to book your holidays. You can use your weeks in a number of ways to get the holiday you want.

Bank It

It is quite likely that you will not be in a position to utilize your specific time slot every year. Our flexible program allows you to store your timeshare week. You can claim it at another time well defined in our scheme. You can store it to a maximum of 14 days.

Swap It

We expect you to stay with us for a week every year. However, if you wish to try any other resort affiliated to us, we arrange for an exchange.

Gift It

If for some reason you no longer wish to avail holidays, you can gift the remainder of your holiday contract with us to anybody you wish.

Transfer It

For similar reasons, you can also transfer your time slot to anybody in your family or your children. Thereafter, the contract will be transferred in the name of your chosen person and you still can come as a guest or tenant of the new owner and enjoy your holiday with us.

Will It

Your application need not end with the unfortunate event of your death. You can bequeath it to anybody you want and your successor will be the owner of your time slot for the remainder of the membership period.