What makes C3 Family Holidays Club different?

  • C3 Family Holidays Club is a Value for Money proposition for its members.
  • The existing and upcoming resorts and hotels are all four/five star properties.
  • Presence of World-class spa is a unique feature in all our properties.
  • Choice of golfing at three different locations.
  • All resorts are designed and planned with your entire family in mind. Indoor/Outdoor recreation facilities, health clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, libraries etc. are available at all the properties.
  • All our properties are located near prominent tourist places.

Amazing membership benefits!

  • More choice and flexibility on the type, size, quality and duration of holidays
  • Inflation-free holidays for you and your family every year for the next 25 years
  • Specially designed theme resorts for the family
  • Transparency of buying power as usage of points is always precisely calculated
  • Complete utilization as one never spends more points than one needs to
  • Ability to borrow and save points
  • Increased flexibility such as nightly reservations, purchase of air tickets etc
  • Reservation system operated on first come, first served basis
  • No seasonality barrier in choosing holidays
  • No rigidity of ‘one week only’ for holidays. It can be extended as well
  • Power to borrow, save, extend, transfer and rent points
  • Point owners can extend benefits to Getaway Specials, Bonus Holidays, Late Deals, Exclusive magazines and extra help or trip advise
  • Special benefits in C3FHC’s own resorts for recreation and entertainment: unlimited fun in golfing, pampering your body and senses at a world-class spa, indoor games at specially designed prices etc.
  • Fun Rovers team in each resort to make every moment of your holiday memorable
  • Spacious and comfortable apartments depending on the size of the family
  • Easy installment options or full payment with the benefit of extra discount

Payment Terms

  • Utility Charges to be paid at the time of Check-in, For Studio Rs. 650 & For 1BR (2 rooms) Rs. 1000 per night.
  • Member has to pay Utility Charges for all properties.
  • There will be 30% food discount to be offered in Restaurants at all Cambay Hotels / Resorts.
  • There will be 20% food discount to be offered in Room Service orders at all Cambay Hotels / Resorts.
  • There will be 20% discount in Gaming Zone to be offered at all Cambay Hotels / Resorts.
  • There will be 20% discount on SPA to be offered at all Cambay Hotels / Resorts.
  • There will be 20% discount on Golf to be offered at all Cambay Hotels / Resorts.
  • Membership revival charges will be decided and levied.